10. Notices and Communications

You consent to receive electronic communications from Advanced WP concerning your use of our Services and concerning Advanced WP product and service offerings (“Communications”). The Communications may be those that Advanced WP is required to send you by law concerning the Services (“Required Communications”). They may also include those that we send to you for other reasons.

Advanced WP is not responsible for and shall not be liable for any late, lost, misdirected, intercepted, unsuccessful or otherwise failed efforts to send any Communications or Required Communications to you or any other person or party.

10.1. Common Courtesy

10.1.1. To avoid any interruptions to the Services, you are required to act in accordance with the terms of any Communications or Required Communications we may send to you, within the time frame specified in such Communications. We’ll make three or more attempts to reach you concerning any matters that require your attention or action. If we cannot reach you, we may suspend or close the account without prior notice. Notwithstanding that, we may suspend or close the account if you fail to respond to any requests sent to you by our abuse department.

10.1.2. As a courtesy, we may store a copy of certain Communications and Required Communication in a support ticket. In no event shall you rely on Communications or Required Communications appearing there. You are responsible for checking Support Requests on a regular basis to ensure there are no issues that require your immediate attention or action.

10.2. System Status

10.2.1. Without obligation, in an effort to be as transparent as possible, the status of our systems is made available on our news feed. Our system status page is provided for informational purposes only and only provides information regarding known system issues and maintenance which may affect the Services.

10.2.2. Our systems may be monitored for all lawful purposes, including, but not limited to: for system management, to facilitate protection against unauthorized access, to check on and verify survivability, operational security, system integrity and security procedures. During monitoring, information and Content may be examined, copied, recorded and used for authorized purposes. Your use of our systems constitutes your unconditional consent to such monitoring.