4. Additional Services

In addition to our Managed WordPress Hosting, we provide a variety of additional services which have special terms and conditions. Usage of these additional services also constitutes acceptance of this Agreement, regardless of whether the additional service is provided as a courtesy or for additional fees.

4.1. Free Onboarding

We offer an optional, free onboarding consultation service that is intended to familiarize Customers with our Services. This service is not intended to be a comprehensive course on WordPress, web design, development, hosting, marketing, administration, or any other aspect of managing a website. It is also not intended to be technical in nature and should not be relied upon to solve business or website problems (although we do have fantastic hands on support).

4.2. Free Migration

4.2.1. We offer an optional, free website migration service exclusively for WordPress powered websites being migrated to Advanced WP. Migrations are generally conducted, though not always, by a dedicated WordPress specialist. The amount of time it takes for us to complete the migration is largely dependent on whether you’ve provided the correct information prior to the migration and how much content is being transferred.

4.2.2. Although migration related issues are rare, they do happen. Our Services may not be compatible with your previous service provider and changes to your website, theme, plugins, and/or configuration may be required to utilize our Services. Customers are responsible for notifying Advanced WP if there are any issues with the migration, which may include, but are not limited to, broken images and links, plugin conflicts, display errors, or other warning messages. Advanced WP is not responsible for and will not provide assistance with any issues that arise as a result of the migration including, but not limited to, repairing any compatibility issues between your website and our Services.

4.2.3. Our free migration service does NOT include assistance with, nor migration of, any of the following items and there may be other items that we cannot help you with. Without limitation, you bear sole responsibility for addressing the migration and management of your website.

  1. Email accounts (including, but not limited to email data and content);
  2. SSL certificates;
  3. Design and formatting changes;
  4. Updates to the website;
  5. DNS changes or modifications;
  6. Domain name registration updates (including, but not limited to unlocking the domain at the Registrar or disabling domain privacy);
  7. Security audits;
  8. File permission settings;
  9. Any Content that was created or added to the website after migration began;
  10. Any Content not related to the website (including, but not limited to, files stored in your old hosting environment).

4.3. Service Requests

4.3.1. Our team of WordPress experts and/or partners are available to help with anything you may need to successfully manage your WordPress website. Services requested that fall outside the limitations of our technical support are performed at an additional fee based on the work requested. In such case, Customers will be directed to submit a service request via our Website or referred to one of our platform partners.

4.3.2. Advanced WP is not responsible for service provided by one of our partners and we recommend that Customers familiarize themselves with the partner, the partner’s terms of service and any applicable guarantees or warranties, and obtain a quote before commencing any service work.

4.4. Third Party Providers

4.4.1. Advanced WP may subcontract the performance of certain services to third parties, and your use of the third party provided products and services shall be governed by any applicable license agreement, if any, with such third party and the third party’s terms and conditions. Advanced WP makes no representations or warranties, and shall not be liable for, the quality, availability, timeliness, accuracy or completeness (or lack thereof) of the information, products or services provided by any third party provider.

4.4.2. Advanced WP is not the agent, trustee, representative or fiduciary of you or any third party provider in any transaction. Any transactions with third party providers shall be by and between the visitor and the third party provider. Any and all discounts and special offers of any third party may be subject to additional terms, restrictions and limitations.