6. Account Ownership

6.1. Registration Information

6.1.1. When you sign up for an Advanced WP account (“Register”), you will be required to provide details, which may include, but is not limited to, your full legal name, company name, telephone number, email addresses, and mailing address (“Registration Details”). By providing these details, you represent that:

  1. the Registration Details are accurate; (ii) you will keep the Registration details current at all times;
  2. you are over the age of 18 or, if applicable, are the legal age in your country to enter into contractual obligations including this Agreement;
  3. if you are registering on behalf of a corporation or company, that you are authorized to be the owner of all the Content associated with the account; and
  4. your use of our Services will not violate any applicable laws.

6.1.2. Registration Details may only be updated from within your account page on our Website. Unless pursuant to any section herein, Advanced WP will not modify the Registration Details. If we have reason to believe that any Registration Details are inaccurate, we may, in our sole discretion, suspend or close your account, without notice, and refuse current or future Services to you.

6.1.3. When you Register, we recommend that you provide two valid email addresses where we can reach you. One of the email addresses should be independent of the Services and not hosted by Advanced WP. You agree that we may communicate important information to you using the email address(es) you’ve provided.

6.2. Account Ownership

The highest authority of an Account is the Account Owner. The Account Owner is appointed during the registration process, on the initial order form on our Website, or by an Advanced WP service representative if placing via Advanced WP’s Customer Service or Sales Departments. Once the Account Owner appointment has been made, it may not be changed unless by either the Account Owner via the account section of our Website or by an authorized Advanced WP representative.

6.2.1. Responsibilities

We recommend that the person appointed as the Account Owner be someone that owns the domain name(s) associated with the Services hosted on your Advanced WP Account. To avoid disputes over ownership, we do not recommend that an employee, contractor, or other transient person be the owner of your Account. Should a dispute arise, we may not be able to assist non-Account Owners with access to an account without a valid, applicable court order. If account ownership is disputed, Advanced WP may, in its sole discretion, suspend or close the Account without notice. The Account Owner assumes all liability and responsibilities for:

  1. management of the Account, Services, and all Content associated with the Account;
  2. all complaints served upon Advanced WP in reference to the Content;
  3. all activity associated with the Account;
  4. payment of all monies owing on the Account.

6.2.2. Restrictions

The Account Owner must be a real living individual, whose legal first and last name is provided to Advanced WP. Advanced WP may require proof of:

  1. the identity of the Account Owner;
  2. any of the Registration Details, including, but not limited to, proof of address and verification of email addresses.

6.3. Transferring Ownership

6.3.1. Account Owners and third parties may request to transfer ownership of an Account (“Ownership Transfer Request”) by contacting our customer support team. New Account Owners must agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement in order to continue using the Services. New Account Owners must also provide valid payment information and old remain responsible for any outstanding monies due to Advanced WP.

6.3.2. In the event that an Ownership Transfer Request is made by a third party, Advanced WP will make a good-faith attempt to reach the current Account Owner via telephone or email to allow him/her the opportunity to approve or deny the request. If the Account Owner expressly objects to the transfer request, we will be unable to complete the transfer without a valid, applicable court order. If we are unable to reach the current Account Owner, for whatever reason, or if we do not receive a timely response to any of the communications we have sent concerning the request, and provided all requirements of our transfer process are met, we may proceed with the transfer of ownership as requested without further notice. To help protect against unauthorized transfers, Advanced WP may, at its sole discretion, deny any request to transfer ownership of an account without a valid, applicable court order.

6.3.3. Unless otherwise requested, accounts will be transferred in their entirety including any historical records, log files, invoices, and other information.

6.3.4. Additional fees may apply when transferring ownership.