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Canada has some of the strictest privacy laws in the world. Personal security is a high priority and considered an essential right in our country. So when you host your website in Canada, it’s subject to these laws–making it a safe choice for protecting personal data.

It matters where you host your site.

It’s a different story when you host in the US. They have introduced multiple acts and bills that make it very easy for the government to access personal information. Choosing a Canadian hosting solution like Advanced WP, means your data will be stored securely in Canada and your website will be easier for Canadians to find.

So, why is it better to host your website in Canada?

Superior security

  • Websites, databases, emails, etc. are governed by the law of where the host server is located.
  • Personal security is a high priority and considered an essential right in Canada.
  • Under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), personal data and information on Canadian hosted servers is strictly regulated and protected.
  • The US has introduced multiple bills and acts (e.g. the USA PATRIOT Act) that allow the government easy access to personal information, if your activity is deemed suspicious.
  • Canadian companies are responsible for protecting any and all information collected from their users.

Increase your Canadian presence and SEO

  • Choosing a Canadian based hosting provider gives your website a Canadian IP address.
  • Search engines offer different results based on the searcher’s location.
  • A website hosted in Canada has increased search relevancy within canada-based search results.
  • A Canadian business looking to grow can increase their local traffic.
  • Organizations can have multiple versions of their site with different domain extensions based on location and host in the corresponding country.

Improved performance

  • The distance between the server and the computer viewing the website affects performance.
  • A Canadian based service provider will decrease your website’s load time and improve client satisfaction.

Grade-A service and facilities

  • Canada is home to sophisticated, advanced technical infrastructure.
  • There is a highly educated IT workforce in Canada.
  • Canadian hosting centres are reliable and offer top-notch customer service.
  • Many large Canadian cities with hosting servers are quite close to US border so there’s a quicker connectivity compared to the main hosting US cities.

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